Janice Carleton

Inspirational Speaker
Retreat Leader

The Carletons
Jim, Janice, Jonah, Ellie, Mayzie, Heather, Jerry, Emma,
Sister Cecilia Rose, Jay, Adeline, Sheelagh, David, and John

"God Speaks to Ordinary People Like You and Me."
Softcover 6" x 9" 192 pgs

I wrote my first book!! Thanks to Father Cedric for suggesting that I do it and to the Holy Spirit for inpsiring me and helping me stick with it!

If you live locally and can pick up your copy, you can save shipping by calling 503-289-1942. I pray that this book will be a blessing to each person who reads it.

"Janice has been touched by Jesus and her explanation of what it means to follow Christ is experiential and lived. Her candid vulnerability is disarming and powerful. Her stories will inspire you with hope."
-Fr. Cedric Pisegna

"Your work is clear, appropriate, and inspiring. I think it is very, very well written. And, I like your writing style - very conversational and engaging. Well done!"
-Fr. Dave Gutmann

"God's Amazing Mercy"
A free booklet available to help women in a crisis pregnancy, or anyone suffering from the effects of abortion.

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Our new CD is out!

I have always wanted to record a CD of the songs I have written that have lyrics, and we finally did it! This CD is a compilation of many of the songs I have written over the past 20 years. They come from a heart that wants to share the real, personal love that Jesus has for each one of us and many of the truths found in His Word. When we found out that Julie would be entering the Sisters of Life in New York as a postulant this fall, I knew it was time to record. I have always loved Julie's pure, sweet voice, and now I pray that as you listen to her sing these songs, your heart will be touched and you will draw near to God who loves you so much!

Draw Near to God $10

1: Draw Near to God - 2:18
2: Daughter - 2:16
3. Prayer Under a Crucifix - 3:32
4. Mercy & Grace - 3:30
5. Peace Be Still - 4:24
6. Longing for Heaven - 3:26
7. Micah 6:8 - 2:59
8. Life Abundantly - 2:05

A Short Bio

I am a speaker, musician, composer, mother of 4, grandmother of 6, and blessed to be married to my best friend, Jim. I have a BA from Oregon State University in Liberal Arts. I love the Lord and want to share his amazing love whenever possible. One way that I've found to do that is by speaking at conferences and leading women's retreats. I share experiences from my own life and help provide the opportunity for others to be touched by the Lord. I have led worship for over 20 years, so music is an integral part of my presentations. I have also led prayer groups and bible studies for, so prayer and scripture are also a big part of my retreats.

I have recorded 2 CD's of piano meditation music (which came as a result of being prayed over by a priest at a parish mission). I have also recorded some of my other compositions on a CD called "Draw Near to God". Our daughter, Sr. Cecilia Rose sings vocals and I accompany her on guitar. You can hear selections of all three CD's here on the site.

I have given numerous talks at retreats, missions and conferences. Fr. Dave Gutmann and I created two three-part series called, "The Ultimate Treasure Hunt". We presented them at Holy Cross in Portland in '05 and '06. I've also spoken in Lake Charles, LA, Houston, TX, St. Paul, MN, Sheridan, WY, and Vacaville, CA. I've led Women's Retreats in California: Chico, and Yuba City; in Oregon: Beaverton, Newberg, Florence, and several parishes in Portland.

My husband and I have worked with Fr. Cedric Pisgna, CP and his Ministry for over 20 years and Father has given me opportunities to speak at his missions. At Father Cedric's urging, I am in the process of writing my first book, which he will make available on his missions and website.

Following is a quote from my pastor: "Janice's ability to inspire, to draw fitting examples from her personal life, and to witness to the power of Jesus working in her life are all very effective tools. I gladly recommend Janice as a gifted speaker, musician, and all around fine human being. She truly makes a positive difference with her life!"

My Piano Music

This music came as a gift from the Lord. I was prayed over at a parish mission and the priest said that the Lord had a "special gift" for me. The next week I played a complete song on the piano that I had never heard before. One day in prayer, I heard, "If you play, I will speak to my people." And He has! I pray that as you listen, you will open your heart and let the Lord speak to you, His beloved. May it draw you ever closer to Jesus, may it calm you and fill you with His peace.

Vols I & II (68 min) $20

The music on this CD is very special. I believe that it is anointed and can touch you in many ways. Here are a few of the comments I've received: "My meditation went to a new level as I listened to your music." "Your music has been such a source of comfort and spirit-filled inspiration to me. Many occasions I have put your tape in while in my car, and prayed and felt an overwhelming whoosh of love poured out over me." "It makes me feel so close to the Lord!" "We really feel blessed and comforted by your CD."

Vol III (40 min) $15

Because the music is from the Lord, I believe that it is anointed and can touch you in many ways. One woman shared how the music calms down her CCD class; another said that she plays it when she is painting; another said her poetry is easier to write with the music on. "Your music is so relaxing and peaceful. It is a wonderful background for prayer or meals or homework." Many people have shared that they play the music when they are going to sleep. I pray that as you listen, you will open your heart and let the Lord speak to you. May it calm you & fill you with His peace.

If you'd like to order music by mail, please send a check to:
Janice Carleton, 2931 N Willamette Blvd, Portland, OR 97217.

Women's Retreats

I have led women's retreats in Portland, Beaverton, and Florence, Oregon; Klawock, Alaska; Chico, CA, and most recently in Newberg, Oregon. Here are some of the responses I've received after leading these retreats:

"I am still feeling the effects of your retreat here in Chico. My only regret is that I didn't have a tape of it to share with my family. God is truly working through you and your amazing ability to touch the hearts and souls of women. Thank you! Thank you!"

"Your retreat was very well conducted. You have a gift to offer people by your down-to-earth, speak-from-the-heart approach. You should never doubt the value of what you offer to others. I watched people's reactions to you and I could see that you touch them. I think this is precisely, because you reach them where they "reside", in a way they can relate to their own lives, to their own experiences. I noticed many tears from people who were being prayed over; it made me realize/remember how people often look together on the outside, but carry heavy burdens of internal hurts that aren't readily seen. Remembering that fact, (and that is all too often forgotten) helps me to be more compassionate toward people who behave badly or in ways that don't make sense to me. That's huge right there... so great job!

"I attended the Women's Retreat at Holy Trinity this past weekend, and I have been transformed by this experience! I have been hanging onto fear for almost 20 years. The guided meditation about letting go was the most valuable portion of the retreat for me. After this meditation, I was able to finally let it go, and I feel so free! I just wanted to thank you for your ministry."

"Have heard many, many comments about the retreat. Our women were really ministered to. Well done Janice. I'm grateful for your response to God, and your eagerness to be used by him!" - Fr. Dave

For more detailed retreat information, please read this PDF brochure

Fr. Cedric Ministries

Fr. Cedric Pisegna is an awesome Passionist priest who lives in Houston, TX and travels the country giving parish missions. He has written 13 books and has many cd's and dvd's of his teachings. He is also on tv on various stations around the country. Jim and I are priviledged to be a big part of his ministry behind the scenes. Our basement office is Fr. Cedric central! Jim gets Father's books ready for the printer, masters and duplicates his dvd's and cd's and keeps the books. I enter the orders, do all of the shipping, keep up the data base and correspond with people about Father's ministry. Father's teachings and his preaching are very uplifting and life-changing. Check out his ministry and his book store at www.frcedric.org

I write a reflection for the Passionist website on the 22nd of every month. Fr. Cedric writes on the 8th. They can be found here.

To contact Janice, call 503-347-4079 or email her at chicojim@aol.com